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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea

Build Internal Support

Build Interest Among
Community Partners

Co-create the Future

Promote Local Innovation

Inspire Action

Volunteer Roles

If you are an IEEE member who would like to share your passion, there are different ways you can participate:

External influencer

Whether you work for a utility or not, talk up the idea in your town, at your company, or reach out to local clean tech organizations and sustainability programs at local universities.  Point people to the videos and get the conversation started.  If you do work at a utility, then let the execs know about the concept.  When you see misinformation about smart meters and the grid posted on social networking sites, writing a clear and helpful response can reassure people in your community about the positive benefits of Smart Grid.

These videos (posted on YouTube) can be shared with colleagues to promote the concept.

• What do you get?     
   (TRT: :39)           
• How do you make SG relevant in 2 days?
(TRT: 1:06)
• Groundswell in Worcester
   (TRT: 1:05)
• Groundswell in Washington, DC
   (TRT: :55)


If a summit is being planned in your area, here's what you can do:

Internal influencers

It will help the core team to have people within their organization and with ties to the community to be a cheerleader for what is possible.  Familiarize yourself with the video tour (less than 20 minutes to watch everything), take a look at and read some of the articles in the webliography and you will be good to go.


Logistics support at the event

Each venue will be a little different and staffing needs will vary.  Typical job functions will include checking people into the event and giving them table assignments, placing signage, helping vendors who might be showcasing technology options set up their displays, directing people to the right locations, and acting as local hosts.


Participation in discussions

We encourage local IEEE members to attend workshops and summits as participants because we recognize that your expertise and committment will increase the likelihood of success for post-summit prototype projects.  Please sign up for events that occur in your area.


Post-summit project leads

After the events, there will be opportunities both to deliver general subject matter training for project teams and to lead prototype projects conceived at the event.  One exercise at the end of the Appreciative Inquiry summit process is to identify a team that can move the concept forward.  If you have the time and bandwidth to help bring the ideas to life, that will provide tremendous value to the entrire process as people will be able to experience the benefits of conscious attention to energy use and sustainability right away.


Post-summit participants

If you don't have time to lead a project, the technical and business insights of IEEE members can add to ability of others to drive projects. You also might be able to open doors or overcome obstacles that teams face.  Read this blog posting about one of the Worcester post-summit project teams and imagine what you might have been able to do to help these university students find school principals and teachers willing to collaborate with the project or local businesses willing to award prizes.