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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

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Community Partners

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IEEE Resources

The Toolkit includes budget spreadsheets, logistics checklists, signage and collateral templates that can be easily modified.  Here is a preview of the microsite, built on a content management system that is designed to have the local branding and theme dropped in.  Existing videos can be used initially to explain various concepts and localized versions added as they become available.


SmartGrid-Template-WEBCommunity Summit Microsite

This fully functional template microsite is available for those participating in the program. Instructional videos are provided that show how to make the necessary content and image adjustments.

View the Template Site >









maptive-imageInteractive Map

Another valuable feature is an interactive map showing the available sustainability resources in your service area. We have developed a flexible and comprehensive taxonomy targeted to community residents interested in learning more or businesses seeking solutions and investment opportunities. View a live example on the Green2Growth Website.

See Site >

This can either be set up for participating partners as part of a hosted microsite or can contact Maptive directly to obtain a software license.



IEEE Power and Energy Society Chapter Leads

Involvement with a PES chapter is a great way to identify enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals and prospective volunteers at a local level. From Seattle to Singapore, PES chapters are found across the globe. Follow the links below to connect to chapter representatives, find officer rosters, chapter manuals, awards and contests, student activities, and links to individual chapters' web pages.