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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea

Build Internal Support

Build Interest Among
Community Partners

Co-create the Future

Promote Local Innovation

Inspire Action

Best and Next Practices

The most striking aspect of good customer engagement is how similar the effective processes are regardless of the size or location of the service area. The specific content and messages vary depending on regional norms, energy worldview priorities, and structural relationship with the customers but there are very consistent practices to be adopted. These face-to-face vehicles complement other communication methods (notifications, bill stuffers, websites, earned media, etc.) and allow the exchange of information to be tailored to the recipients in real time.

  • Volunteer support of local non-profits by utility employees
  • Participation in local events organized by other groups
  • Community meetings
  • Workshops with community-based organizations (CBOs)
  • Support of and education through CBOs
  • Community summits
  • Community-lead prototype activities (post-summit)

As you go deeper into this section you will learn more about how different groups are demonstrating these practices effectively.

IEEE is contributing to best practice studies and working groups sponsored by DOE as well as hosting a Consumer Engagement Workshop at the ADS Town Meeting in July. To learn more about the event visit